Digital Newspaper Site Announced

The History, Philosophy and Newspaper Library introduces a new website for the Illinois Digital Newspaper Collections (IDNC) at .

The IDNC is a free online archive of digitized historic newspapers and trade journals organized in four different collections. Using Veridian Digital Library software, the IDNC offers a modern and user-friendly way to access unique research tools and engage with the past. The new website will replace Olive Active Paper which will be retired over Summer 2014.

The website includes interactive features allowing users to tag articles, correct OCR text, and share their findings on social media. In order to provide the most accurate content, the History, Philosophy and Newspaper Library is seeking the public’s assistance in correcting headlines and article text; please send corrections to .

Do you have a story you’d like added to the Library News & Events? If so, please contact Heather Murphy ( ).