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Fall Semester Hours (8/24-12/18)
Mon.-Thu., 9:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m.; Fri., 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.; Sat.-Sun., 1:00-5:00.

CLACS/Lemann Institute Lecture Series: Dialogue with a Veteran Cuban Librarian: "The Long View on Literacy, Literary Culture, Digitization, and Revolution"
Lecture by Marta Terry Gonzalez; Wed., Oct. 14, 3:00pm, in 101 International Studies Building

NEH 50–Questions in Common@Illinois: “Is the Humanities a Collaborative Enterprise?”
Greg Lambert (English, Syracuse University); Thurs. Oct. 15, 4:00pm, in IPRH Lecture Hall, Levis Faculty Center, Fourth Floor

Stories from Cuban Library History
A presentation by Marta Terry González on Fri., Oct. 16, 11:00 in 131 GSLIS

Adult Literacy, Liberation, and 'The Guidelines' in Socialist Tanzania, 1970-1975
A lecture by Jim Brennan on Wed., on Oct. 21, 3-4:30 p.m. in 329 Gregory Hall

CLACS/Lemann Institute Lecture Series: "Threatening the Traditions: Brazilian Foreign Policy under the Worker's Party Governments"
Lecture by Antonio Carlos Lessa, Professer of International Relations at the University of Brasilia; Tues., Oct. 27, 2:00pm, in 101 International Studies Building

"Political Culture and Nationality in the Swedish-Caribbean Colony St. Barthelemy, 1800-1825"
Lecture by Ale Palsson (Stockholm University); Thurs. Oct. 29, 12:00pm, in 101 International Studies Building

"A Presidency in Pictures"
A lecture by Cara Finnegan. Finnegan, a historian at the University of Illinois, examines the role of presidential photography in influencing American perceptions of the presidency and American public life.
Sun., Nov. 1, 1:00pm in Rubloff Auditorium, Art Institute of Chicago

"The Political Prisoner as a Global Figure"
Lecture by Padraic Kenney, Professor of History and International Studies at Indiana University, Thurs., Nov. 5, 4:00pm, 101 International Studies Building

Screening of "Inheritance"
Mon., Nov. 9, 5:00 at Hillel Foundation

CSAMES Brown Bag Lecture: Histories of the Arabic Novel
Lecture by Wail Hassan, Head of Center for Translation Studies and Professor in Comparative and World Literature; Mon., Nov. 16,in 1080 Foreign Languages Building

American Jewish Survivalism
A lecture by Shaul Magid on Mon., Nov. 16, 5:00 pm at Illini Union room 210

History, Philosophy, and Newspaper Library (HPNL)

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Brazilian and Portuguese History and Culture

Over 4,000 Luso-Brazilian pamphlets, mostly from the 19th century.

Indigenous Peoples: North America

Books, newspapers, periodicals, manuscript sources, and photographs that document American Indian experience in North America, based on 13 previously published microfilm collections: Oregon Province Archives of the Society of Jesus Indian Language Collection: The Alaska Native Languages; Pacific Northwest Tribes Missions Collection of the Oregon Province Archives of the Society of Jesus; Association on American Indian Archives; Records of the Creek Factory of the Office of Indian Trade of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, 1795‐1821; Citizenship Case Files of the U.S. Court in Indian Territory, 1896‐1897; Great Nemaha Agency Collection, 1866‐1873; The Indian School Journal; The Javitch Collection at University of Alberta; Letters Sent by the Indian Division of the Office of the Secretary of the Interior, 1849‐1903; Moravian Mission among the Indians of North America; Papers of Henry Rowe Schoolcraft; Papers of the Society of American Indians, 1906‐1946; and the W. S. Prettyman Photograph Collection.

Associated Press Archives

Documents selected from the Associated Press Corporate Archives. Collection includes 26 Associated Press Directories from the period 1894-1944; almost 2,000 issues of the Associated Press's internal staff bulletin from the period 1942-2005; Over 200 issues of the A.P. Log, an irregularly published bulletin that described the activities of the A.P., and distributed to member newspapers from the period 1935-2002; over 1,000 issues of miscellaneous serial publications that were distributed internally from the period 1945-2004; 89 issues of the Service Bulletin, an in-house periodical from the period 1904-1927; the Angus M. Thuermer Papers, 1938-1947; the Conrad C. Fink Papers, 1957-1967; the George Bria Papers, 1945-2002; the Haldore Hanson Papers, 1934-1944; the Moses Sperry Beach Papers, 1848-1914; records of the Washington, D.C. bureau from the period 1938-2009; 22 editions of the A.P. Stylebook, from the earliest edition 1953 to 2000; News Eepartment Circulars communicating A.P. policy to field reporters, from the period 1928-1990; the A.P. News Features collection from the period 1944-1993; the News in Pictures collection from the period 1939-1944; miscellaneous publications from 1894-1955; miscellaneous writings about the Associated Press from the period 1874-1985; and wire copy from the following city bureaus: Atlanta, 1949-1994; Austin, 1959-1996; Birmingham, 1959-1988; Chicago, 1931-1991; Dallas, 1946-1993; Miami, 1952-2004; New Orleans, 1957-1995; Pittsburgh, 1961-2000; and San Francisco, 1934-1999.

Smithsonian Collections Online

A collection of books from both world's fairs and state fairs during the period 1834-1918, digitized from a 174 reel microfilm set; records from the Smithsonian Institution and the United States National Museum documenting its in world's fairs and international expositions during the period 1867-1940; two collections of world's fair memorabilia from the period 1851-1940; two collections of publications by and about world's fairs during the period 1843-1922; a collection of agricultural trade literature from the period 1820-1926; and a collection of trade catalogs and miscellaneous trade literature from the period 1850-1926.

American Indian Histories and Cultures Digital Collection

American Indian Histories and Cultures

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