New Resource: Race Relations in America, 1943-1970

Race Relations in America, 1943-1970 comprises documents from the Archives of the Race Relations Department of the United Church Board for Homeland Ministries. The Race Relations Department of the United Church Board for Homeland Ministries was established for the purpose of bringing the expertise of social scientists to bear on the problem of race relations in the United States. Although the entire archive has not been digitized, the collection includes significant holdings of case studies, reports, audio recordings, scrapbooks, statistical data, academic studies, photographs, periodicals, correspondence, government documents, posters, and more. The collection also features extensive editorial apparatus intended to assist the user with exploring and interpreting the documents.

President's Committee on Government Contracts: Poster
President’s Committee on Government Contracts: Poster

The collection is organized into the following themes, each with its own guide:

  • Civil Rights
  • Voting Rights
  • Housing
  • Education and Training
  • Employment and Labor
  • Health, Welfare, and Poverty
  • Police, Community Relations, and Crime
  • Religion
  • Legislation and Legal Cases
  • Organizations, Associations, and Societies
  • The Institute
  • Arts and Culture

New Resource: East India Company, Module 1

Detail from India Office RecordsDocuments from the collection of India Office records, held by the British Library. In addition to the records of the East India Company, this collection includes records of other agencies charged with administering India, especially after the British Crown took over direct administration of India in 1858. (The Company’s charter officially expired in 1874.)

The collection at the British Library is organized into record series based on the agencies from which the records originated, and the digital collection is based on this classification scheme. Due to the large amount of manuscript material in the India Office Records, few of the documents are keyword searchable, so the interface provides many different ways of interacting with the collection, including by record series, by date, by theme, by index terms (where available), and a hierarchical index of government. Some documents are keyword searchable.

Module 1 has just been released, and is now available here at University of Illinois. Module 1 covers “Trade, Governance and Empire, 1600-1947”. This module includes record series IOR/A (East India Company: Charters, Deeds, Statutes and Treaties c1550-c1950); IOR/B (East India Company: Minutes of the Court of Directors and Court of Proprietors 1599-1858); IOR/C (Council of India Minutes and Memoranda 1858-1947); IOR/D (East India Company: Minutes and Memoranda of General Committees 1700-1858), and parts of IOR/Z (indexes to portions of IOR/B and IOR/D).

The collection Also includes data visualizations and contextualizing essays.

Trial: Index Religiosus

Index Religiosus (International Bibliography of Theology, Church History, & Religious Studies) is now on trial through February 20, 2017.

Index Religiosus combines and now supersedes two standard print bibliographies in the fields of religious and medieval studies: the annual bibliography from Revue d’histoire ecclésiastique, and the Elenchus bibliographicus from Ephemerides theologicae Lovanienses. The database indexes journals, books, book chapters, theses, and more, with an emphasis on scholarship in western European languages. The interface provides several innovative search features, such as the ability to limit by geographic-region-as-subject, time-period-as-subject, and academic discipline. The database indexes publications back to 1900 (from the Revue d’histoire ecclésiastique bibliography) and 1924 (from the Elenchus bibliographicus). According to the publisher, 20,000 new records are being added every year.

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New Website for HPNL

Today the History, Philosophy, and Newspaper Library introduces its new website. The website is still a work in progress, so please contact us with any feedback or complaints: .

The website is intended to be a streamlined version of the old–less clutter on the page, and improved compatibility with mobile devices like tablets and cell phones. The website also features greatly improved accessibility for patrons who use assistive technology, and has been designed to achieve the fullest possibility compatibility with ADA requirements.

New HPNL Website
New HPNL Website

Slavery in America and the World: History, Culture and Law

All extant legal materials on slavery in the United States and the English-speaking world, as well as documents on free African-Americans before 1870. Includes every statute passed by every state and colony, all federal statutes, all reported state and federal cases on slavery, and hundreds of books and pamphlets on the subject. Free to use, but registration required. Part of Hein Online.

History of Mass Tourism, 1850-1980

Brochures, posters, guidebooks, maps, ephemera, periodicals, films, correspondence, scrapbooks, travel journals, photographs, postcards, company records, government documents, and monographs documenting the history of tourism on all continents, and organized around the following themes: Women and Tourism; Children and Families; Road, Rail and Air Travel; Accommodation, Hospitality and Entertainment; Package Tours, Cruises and Organized Travel; Beachfront: Seaside and Coastal Destinations; The Great Outdoors; Urban Tourism; Health and Medical Travel; Historical, Cultural or Religious Tourism; International Relations; and Planning and Business.

Colonial America

When complete, this digital collection will comprise all 1,450 volumes/bundles of British National Archives Record Series CO 5 (Records of the Colonial Office: Board of Trade and Secretaries of State: America and West Indies, Original Correspondence). The collection will be released in modules, with the first two modules currently available: Module 1: Early Settlement, Expansion and Rivalries; and Module 2: Towards Revolution.

Women and Social Movements in Modern Empires Since 1820

A variety of document types organized around the following thematic clusters: Ottoman and post-Ottoman Empires in the Eastern Mediterranean, 1860-2015; French Empire in North Africa, 1935-2005; Italians Consider the International problem of Trafficking in Women, 1928-1936; Indigenous Women and Anti-Imperialist Activism in South Africa, 1929-1960; Anti-Imperialist Activism of Indonesian Women, 1951-1965; Filipino Women and American Empire, 1904-2004; Anti-Imperialist Writings of Cuban Feminists, 1896-1985; Women Medical Missionaries in China, 1894-1991; United States Women in the Panama Canal Zone, 1907-1975; American Women missionaries in India, 1910-1953; African American Women Shape Political Culture in South Africa, 1928-1969; Native Women Oppose Colonialism in Guatemala, 1960-1996; Moravian Missionary Women Interact with Cherokee Women before Removal, 1805-1835; and Women’s Global Networks, 1883-2007.