Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility at the University Library - General Information

The University of Illinois Library is an integral component of the public university system in the state of Illinois, as well as the broader national and global research community. All library employees are expected to be committed to creating an environment – with each other as well as our patrons – that cultivates and values diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in all forms. We also recognize that the Library is part of a deeply flawed society with many systemic inequities.

Our collective goals include offering resources and services that are both inclusive and accessible, as well as providing equitable opportunities for our diverse community to create, curate, and illuminate all forms of information and artifacts. We recognize this work has no end and accept responsibility for promoting these values through our interactions with each other and our patrons.

The University Library categorizes our DEIA efforts into these five pillars:

  • Research and Scholarship. The University Library acts intentionally to include all members of its community in pursuing its mission, recognizing the strengthening effects of diversity, dialogue, and difference and of engaging inclusive processes. We will continue to support and advance diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility by offering physical and virtual access to the finest and broadest array of scholarly resources, as well as renowned scholars and experts.
  • Outreach and Engagement. The University Library’s collective goals include offering programming and services that are both welcoming and available to all members of its diverse community. The Library will partner with groups representing various constituencies and others throughout this diverse community, both on and off campus.
  • Recruitment and Retention. The University Library is committed to strategically and intentionally recruiting and hiring faculty and staff from historically excluded and underrepresented populations, and will provide opportunities for all to succeed.
  • Development and Training. The University Library is committed to building an inclusive organizational culture that respects and appreciates its faculty, staff, and patrons. As such, we will provide comprehensive and accessible training and development opportunities that focus on diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility and making these an integral part of practice.
  • Collections. The University Library provides and stewards collections and content that comprise a complete record of human knowledge, including materials that contain sensitive imagery, language, or concepts documenting the issues and social context of a specific time and the attitudes and opinions of the people who created them. In addition, we continue to work diligently to ensure that the materials in our collections represent a diverse array of sources, perspectives, and communities.



“Promoting diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice rank very high on my list of personal and professional goals. One of the primary reasons I chose a career in higher education was to serve as a catalyst for lasting change. In an age where information is comparable to currency, being in a position to provide leadership and advocacy at one of the largest research libraries in the country is a tremendous opportunity.”

Victor Jones, Jr.

Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility