ILL: Loanshark Service Update

Update 8/21/2013

Illiad is again available. It is now using the Shibboleth authentication system. We believe this will solve the issue with long OpenURLs from services such as WorldCat FirstSearch.  Also, certain parts of the look and feel have changed as a result of changing other parts of the system to deal with smaller issues with other OpenURLs.

Update 8/19/2013

There will be possible brief downtimes during Tuesday morning, August 20th, with ILLiad as we prepare for some major changes Wednesday.

On Wednesday morning, August 21st, the ILLiad service will be unavailable starting at 6am. We will be changing authentication schemes to solve the issue with long OpenURLS.  We hope the downtime will be short, but it may last till end of working hours (5pm). We will update this page when ILLiad is available again.

Update 7/16/2013

Progress has been made with the Interlibrary Loan ILLiad/loanshark system, but issues with OpenURLs (links into Illiad from other web services) remain.

Inbound links (links from other web services to Interlibrary Loan’s ILLiad/Loanshark web service, like WorldCat and SFX Discover) that use OpenURLs continue to generate an error message in ILLiad/Loanshark:

Your session exited, timed out, or there was an error.

If you were submitting a request, it did not go through. Library IT and IRRC staff are investigating ongoing issues with the new campus authentication system, but have not yet determined the root of the issue.

Otherwise, go back to Main Menu or close this browser window to complete the logout process.

Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery is asking that until the openURL issue is resolved users log directly in to ILLiad/Loanshark , choose the appropriate request type, and then manually enter the necessary citation information and submit their requests. While this is not as efficient as the OpenURL process, it does work. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

If you need assistance, please contact library staff in ILL Borrowing at 217-333-0832 or .

Update 7/11/2013

The ILLiad services will be intermittently unavailable today as we are making some adjustments to resolve some of the remaining issues.

To resolve some of the remaining ILLiad issues, we will be making some adjustments to the ILLiad services today that make the service intermittently unavailable.


Previous posts on the ongoing ILLiad/Loanshark issues are still available .

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