New E-Reserve System

The University Library is rolling out a new e-reserve system for the Summer 2013 term. The Library is very excited about the improved experience the new system will provide for students, faculty, and instructors.

Electronic reserves, or e-reserves, are course reserve readings that are made accessible electronically, either by linking to existing digital versions of the content or by scanning print materials and making them accessible as .pdf files.

The new system will provide more flexibility for instructors to manage courses, including adding and removing readings more easily and adding tags to specific items, such as the week or date the reading is assigned or specific subject(s) covered. There will also be increased transparency of the process, including real-time status updates and progress of any copyright work required by Library staff, keeping faculty and instructors more up to date and reducing the chance for unpleasant surprises regarding the availability of materials.

In addition, the new system will provide a more streamlined process for reusing materials from semester to semester, so instructors will be able to easily see all items previously on reserve and choose to reuse an entire list from a past semester or pick items to reuse a-la-carte from previous courses taught.

Faculty and instructors will now also be able to request audio reserves directly through the new e-reserve system.

Students will notice an improved experience, as well. Instead of searching for their courses, they will simply login and be taken directly to a list of all courses in which they are enrolled.

E-reserves can be accessed by students via direct link or through the Online Library Catalog and are accessible from any Internet-connected computer after verification of University of Illinois network ID and password.

Students are able to view and/or print the material 24 hours a day, eliminating the need for multiple print copies and accommodating differing study habits.

During the first few semesters as the library transitions from the old system to the new, staff will be working hard to learn all of the ins and outs of this new system in order to create a smooth transition. Because staff will be learning the new system along with faculty and instructors, longer turnaround time for Summer and Fall terms is expected. To help ensure students will have their course readings available for the start of the semester, the library asks that requests for e-reserves be made as far in advance as possible. Once the new system is fully up and running, we anticipate a more efficient workflow with faster turnaround times.

Although the process for placing e-reserves will be changing, there are no changes to the process for placing physical items on reserve at the Library at this time.

For more detailed information, including the forms for submitting requests for e-reserves, FAQs, and a LibGuide to walk you through the new interface, check out the Collection Management Services Web page at , or contact the unit directly at or 217-244-3773.

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