Changes to Finding E-Journals

What is happening:
During the last year, the University Library has been making changes to how patrons search and find e-journal, e-books, and database subscriptions.

Why the Library is making a change:
The Library is making this change to improve the accuracy of the information about its e-journals and other electronic resources. Patrons should encounter fewer errors where the Library no longer subscribes to a journal or the title has been dropped by the vendor but still appears on the website.  It will also make newly acquired e-journals, as well as information about e-books and databases, more quickly available through the Library’s website since the new system involves less processing time by Library staff.

What the change will look like:
The Library is phasing out the “Online Research Resources” Journals search as of June 8th.  Instead, patrons will now search for journals through the Journals tab on the Library’s homepage or the Online Journals and Databases link from the Library homepage .

Patrons can also find e-journals through the Library’s online catalog.  However, the Journals tab on the homepage and the Online Journals and Databases search will be the most accurate reflection of the Library’s electronic journal holdings.  The results lists will look different and, in some cases, will require a couple of steps to get into the e-journal.  This is particularly true when the Library has more than one vendor from which it receives the journal. More information about learning to use Online Journals and Databases may be found at “How to Use the Online Journals and Databases Tool” at .

For more information:
For the most up to date information regarding these changes, consult the Library Help Desk ORR/SFX Migration documentation .

For questions about finding journals, contact the Main Library Information Desk at (217)333-2290, or use the Ask A Librarian service ( ).

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