Ebook Pilot Project

The University Library has launched a new pilot program providing more access to ebooks.  Over 5,000 records for ebooks published between 2007 and 2009, covering a broad set of disciplines, were loaded into the online catalog this month.

The Library is partnering with ebrary®, a leading provider of digital content products and technologies.  Library users may browse ebooks through the ebrary platform at http://www.library.illinois.edu/proxy/go.php?url=http://site.ebrary.com/lib/uiuc or may search the Library catalog to find an ebrary ebook.  If an ebook is used extensively, the Library will purchase it for perpetual access.  The full record set for these ebooks will be available during the rest of the 2010 spring semester or until funding for the pilot program is exhausted.

Ebooks on the ebrary platform offer users some unique options to use online text.  They can highlight text and take notes—useful when sharing and collaborating.  Users can also select text and paste it into any text application with an automatic citation including a URL hyperlink back to the source.

Ebooks are gaining popularity as use of wireless reading devices is expanding, including the recent release of the iPad, and as more applications are developed for mobile devices.  The launch of the ebrary ebook collection coincides with the University Library’s launch of their new mobile Web site at http://m.library.illinois.edu .

Users interested in learning more about using the ebrary platform to access ebooks can view a video tutorial at www.ebrary.com/corp/collateral/flash/QuickStart/ .  The Ebrary user guide is available at www.ebrary.com/corp/collateral/en/Quick_Guides/Quick_Guide.pdf .

Library staff will work with students to help evaluate the pilot program.  Feedback is encouraged and may be submitted to ebooks@library.uiuc.edu .

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