Camp Cursive June 11

Camp Cursive

The Rare Book & Manuscript Library is concerned about the fading art of reading and writing cursive. Cursive is no longer taught in most grade schools, and the Library is discovering that many of its undergraduates cannot read or write cursive. Think about the ability to read historical documents. Students who cannot read cursive are locked out of doing research on such notable figures in the Library’s collections such as Carl Sandburg, Gwendolyn Brooks, Anthony Trollope or George Washington simply because they cannot read cursive. Soon, children won’t even be able to read their parents’ love letters!

To work against this trend, the Rare Book & Manuscript Library is holding its first ever Camp Cursive for 8-11 year olds on Wednesday, June 11 from 9-5. Children will learn how to write and read in cursive, of course, but will also hear about the history of writing implements, study handwriting analysis, see some rare books, bind their own book, learn about spies and handwriting, and even participate in a Cursed Cursive Contest.

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