1867 Society Presents Check to UGL

On May 6, 2010, members of the 1867 Society Executive Council provided a check for $1,100 to the Undergraduate Library . The student group, which aims to increase philanthropic support at Illinois, for Illinois, started the fund in 2008 as a way for student donors to support campus projects that they cared about. They were able to raise $1,100 over two years.  As part of the process, donors were given the chance to vote on one of three campus projects that would receive the money. The Undergraduate Library won by several votes.

The Undergraduate Library will use the money toward two new projects that benefit students.  Flat-screen technology will be added to collaborative rooms within the Learning Commons.  Students can use laptops to project onto these screens allowing for better collaboration on group projects or multiple students can view class DVDs placed on reserve.  Additionally, power-assist equipment will be installed on four doors in the Undergraduate Library to give students with disabilities greater access to its services and collections.

This year, more than 700 Illinois students made a gift in support of the campus and together those gifts totaled more than $58,000. Any current undergraduate, graduate or professional student who makes a gift during the fiscal year automatically becomes a member of the 1867 Society.  For more information about the 1867 Society, visit https://netfiles.uiuc.edu/ro/www/1867Society/ .

See the presentation at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cx8vU1t3tTk .

1867 Society Executive Coucil members present check to Undergraduate Library.

Members of the 1867 Society Executive Council present a check to the Head of the Undergraduate Library.

From left to right: Tori Frobish (Vice President of Donor Relations, 1867 Society), Caroline Cvetkovic (Vice President of Campus Relations, 1867 Society), Benjamin (B.J.) Frobish (President, 1867 Society), and Lori Mestre (Head, Undergraduate Library)

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