New Online Resource: Christian-Muslim Relations

Christian-Muslim Relations Volumes 1 and 2 (CMR1 and CMR2) cumulate all eight volumes published so far in Brill’s serial bibliography, Christian Muslim Relations: A Bibliographical History. CMR1 covers the time period 600-1500. CMR2 claims to cover 1500-1914, but like the four previously-published volumes on which it is based, its coverage seems to extend only as far as 1700.

The reference work is organized around historical authors who wrote about Christian-Muslim relations. For each author you will find bibliographies of works by and about that author.

CMR1 is arranged by time period, and then by author. CMR2 is organized more broadly by region, then time period, and then by author.

In both CMR1 and CMR2, each entry begins with a short, biographical essay on the author, and then lists primary sources about the author, followed by secondary sources about the author. The entries then list those works in which the author treated the subject of Christian-Muslim relations, with a separate bibliography for each work. These bibliographies are briefly annotated, and list both unpublished and published primary sources, as well as variant editions, translations, and links to online versions (where available). For each primary work, the bibliographer gives a note on that work’s significance for the study of Christian-Muslim relations, as well as an additional bibliography of secondary sources on the primary work. All entries are signed.

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