20th Century American Newspapers (Trial)

[Update: trial over.] Now on trial through October 31. Part of America’s Historical Newspapers from Readex, this collection includes ten titles: Dallas Morning News (1923-1981), Augusta (Georgia) Chronicle (1923-1993), Mobile (Alabama) Register (1970-1987), Times Picayune (1837-1981), Trenton (New Jersey) Evening Times (1923-1993), Cleveland Plain Dealer (1923-1990), Portland Oregonian (1923-1974), Seattle Daily Times (1923-1984), Springfield (Massachusetts) Republican (1923-1946), and Springfield (Massachusetts) Union (1947-1971). Please send us feedback on the value of this collection to your research!

Atlas of Historical County Boundaries now available online

The Newberry Library is pleased to announce the completion and release of its Digital Atlas of Historical County Boundaries, a freely available dataset that covers every day-to-day change in the size, shape, location, name, organization, and attachment of each U.S. county and state from the creation of the first county in 1634 through 2000.