Ranen Omer-Sherman: September 11 Noon Workshop

The first Jewish Studies workshop of the semester is at noon on Monday September 11 in 109 English.

Ranen Omer-Sherman, Professor of English and Judaic Studies at the University of Louisville will discuss his paper, “The European Immigrant and the Rupture with the Past in Early Kibbutz Fiction.” We will serve bagels and cream cheese—please feel free to bring something else to eat if you prefer. More information about Professor Omer-Sherman and a link to his paper are here. All best, Brett

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Can you can? Tips for vegetable longevity.

As we head toward the end of summer and the hot weather garden crops arrive, roll up your sleeves and get canning! Canning is a process recommended to preserve the longevity of your garden vegetables and fruits, so they may be used during the cold winter months. It also fosters a sense of americana self-sufficiency, and acts as an industrious hobby with an end-product you may eat for months to come.

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