Testing Digital Humanities Tools for Research

No doubt if you are in academia right now–or even outside of academia you might’ve heard a bit about digital humanities. While researching end-of-semester papers, I thought I would test out a few DH tools for research that have been recommended to me and see how well they work for my subject matter. I’ll be testing JSTOR’s Text Analyzer and Connected Papers. Continue reading “Testing Digital Humanities Tools for Research”

New Online Resource: Christian-Muslim Relations

Christian-Muslim Relations Volumes 1 and 2 (CMR1 and CMR2) cumulate all eight volumes published so far in Brill’s serial bibliography, Christian Muslim Relations: A Bibliographical History. CMR1 covers the time period 600-1500. CMR2 claims to cover 1500-1914, but like the four previously-published volumes on which it is based, its coverage seems to extend only as far as 1700.

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HPNL Browsings: Handbook of Denominations in the United States

Handbook of Denominations in the United States is an excellent source of information on all major religious groups in America, including Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Baha’i. Within the Christian context, major denominations (such as Episcopal, Lutheran, and Mormon) are treated, as well as the “sub-groups” of these faiths, such as the Missouri Synod Lutherans and the Southern Baptist Convention. Major doctrines, practices, and histories of each denomination are clearly summarized, so as to make this work irreplaceable for a cursory examination of religious issues pertinent to the various faiths, or as a starting point for research into American religion.

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Archives of the Church of Uganda (Online)

Previously available only on microfilm or on site at the Uganda Christian University, Mukono, this collection provides online access to 8 series of records from the Church of Uganda archives: Series 1, Office of the Bishop of Uganda (1882-1961); Series 2, Education Secretary General (1936-1964); Series 3, General Secretary (1924-1963); Series 4,  Financial Secretary (1929-1963); Series 5,  Archbishop’s Office (1960-1993); Series 6, Provincial Secretary (1960-1995); Series 7, Mother’s Union (1960-1991); and Series 8, Provincial Treasurer (1960-1991). The records in this collection document the activity of the Anglican Church in Uganda from 1882 through 1995.

TRIAL: Oxford Bibliographies Online

[Update: trial over.] Now on trial through December, 2011. Collection of annotated bibliographies, and bibliographic essays, compiled and written by scholars. Covers Atlantic History, Renaissance and Reformation, Medieval Studies, Classics, Philosophy, Biblical Studies, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islamic Studies. Bibliographies are detailed and extensive. The Bibliography on Atlantic History, for example, comprises 100 sub-topics. Please send us feedback on the value of this collection to your research!