Changes to Library Printing

Starting January 1, some changes to Library public printing will take effect, when students will have to pay for printing in advance through the Illini Cash system, instead of being billed to their university accounts. OBFS will no longer support processing print charges to student bills. This update will slightly change the process of printing and refunds.

What is Illini Cash?

  • Illini Cash is a prepaid account, supported by University Housing, that can be used as cash at multiple places on and off campus.

What is changing with printing?

  • Students must have an Illini Cash balance at least equal to the print charge in order to print; if not, they will be prompted to add money to their Illini Cash account before the print job is sent to a release station. Illini Cash can be added to a student’s account online with a credit or debit card at
  • Refunds for students will be added back into their printing account in Papercut. At this time, refunds cannot be added back into an Illini Cash balance.
  • Library IT will distribute signs to print locations alerting users to use Illini Cash. A desktop icon for Illini Cash will also be added to public computers so students can easily add to their balance.

What stays the same?

  • Faculty and staff who are not registered students will continue to have printing charged to their university account.
  • The option to pay cash for printing at the UGL or create a pre-paid account will still be available for the public or anyone who does not want to use Illini Cash.
  • Library employees added to a departmental printing account will not be charged on their individual print account, charges still will go to the department account.
  • Contact the Library IT Help Desk for any issues with Library printing.

More information

For more information on the upcoming changes, please see:

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