Upcoming changes to public printing - Library Technology

Starting January 1, 2018 students will have to pay for library printing in advance through the Illini Cash system, instead of being billed to their university accounts after printing.

What is Illini Cash?

Illini Cash is a prepaid account supported by University Housing that can be used as cash at many places on- and off-campus.

Changes to printing

When you print to a Library printer, the printing system, Papercut, will check your Illini Cash balance for a balance at least equivalent to the cost of printing. If the Illini Cash balance is enough to cover the cost of printing, the printing system will process your print job and can be released at a Library print release station. If the Illini Cash balance is less than the cost of the print job, you will be prompted to add money to your Illini Cash account before the print job is processed.

Faculty and staff

University faculty and staff who are not registered students will continue to receive printing bills on their university account.

How to use Illini Cash

Log in to Illini Cash to add money to your Illini Cash account. The minimum balance you can add is $5.00, with a credit or debit card only.

Refunds with Illini Cash

If a printing refund is requested and approved, the amount of the refund will be credited to your balance in the printing system, where it can be used for future printing and will not be applied back into Illini Cash or a bank account. Your print balance is viewable online.

Don’t want to use Illini Cash?

  • Select one of the pay cash options when printing to pick up your print job at the UGL Circulation Desk, paying in cash.
  • Create a pre-paid Library printing account. This account can only be used for printing.