ACDC News – Issue 98-06

Note this new URL for the Agricultural Communications Documentation Center:

You will find more power and speed in your online searches these days, thanks to new major improvements 
 in  the Center web site.

Here are some of them:

  • New interface.  When you begin the real search, you can go quickly and easily to the thesaurus for subject terms.  Or you can go directly to your request for lists of citations according to title, author, subject and other criteria.  This interface also permits you to ask for help and specify the number of citations that you want to get.
  • Greater searching power.  When you search on a given “subject term” you automatically call up all documents that are subject indexed under that term, from the thesaurus. In addition, you identify all other documents which contain that term in the title.  Documents are listed chronologically, starting with most recent documents.

And when you pull up a given citation, you can also search quickly on any authors, subject terms or
journals that appear within the citation.

  • Greater speed.  You will find that search operations occur more quickly than in the past.

We hope these improvements serve you well.  Please let us know if you have questions or suggestions.
Other  refinements are under way, including improved “help” sections.
Special thanks to Jeremy Todd and Floyd Davenport of the Information Technology and Communication
Services unit for their valuable assistance.

Interested in communications related to water quality?

If so, you may wish to see a research report that arrived recently at the Center:

Peter Nowak, Garrett O’Keefe, Claude Bennett, Susan Anderson and Craig Trumbo. Communication and
adoption evaluation of USDA water quality demonstration projects:  evaluation report.  Cooperative State
Research, Education, and Extension Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Washington, D.C.  October
1997.  43 pp.

This evaluation focused upon USDA demonstration projects designed to “accelerate voluntary adoption of
agricultural practices that protect surface and groundwater, while maintaining farm and ranch productivity
and profitability.”  Findings featured effects of eight projects located in California, Florida, Maryland,
Minnesota, Nebraska, North Carolina, Texas and Wisconsin.

Other samples of new documents in the collection:

Mark Imerman and L. L. Libby. Web decision maker: an administrative tool to aid in the conversion of Extension publications for Internet delivery.  Rural Data Project, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa.  March 1998.  65 pp.

Duncan Hilchey and Nathan Leonard. Cultivating farm, neighbor and community relations: creative approaches for reduced farm-related land-use conflict.  Community Agriculture Development Series, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York.  1996.  15 pp.

Professional meetings scheduled.

Here are the approaching meetings of several professional agricultural communicator organizations:

May 28-30
East Region Meeting, National Association of Farm Broadcasters, at Indianapolis, Indiana.
Contact:  Gary Truitt at 317-843-9300

June 6-9
Annual Institute, Cooperative Communicators Association, Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Contact:  Raymond Crouch or Stephanie Smith at 817-548-5206

June 14-17
National Extension Technology Conference at St. Louis, Missouri.
Contact:  Dave Klostermann at

June 25-27
West Region Meeting, National Association of Farm Broadcasters, at Choteau, Montana.
Contact: Brent Stanghelle at 406-761-7600

July 12-14
Summer Seminar, Agricultural Relations Council at Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
Contact:  Paul Weller at 202-785-6710

July 14-19
Annual Conference, Agricultural Communicators in Education, at Asilomar Conference Center, Pacific Grove, California.

Is that bull safe?

A man climbed over a farmer’s fence to pick some wildflowers when he noticed a bull in a field nearby.
“Hey,” he called to the farmer.  “Is that bull safe?”
“He’s a whole lot safer than you are,” replied the farmer.    (Author unknown)

Best regards and good searching.

Please let us know if we can help you find information and/or if you can suggest documents that we might add to this collection.

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