Resource Trunks for Educators

Resource Trunks for Educators are provided by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources’ Kids and Education Program.  They contain books, samples, and activity kits to support teaching and learning about Illinois natural resources.
Illinois Fossils Trunk

Illinois Fossils Trunk

Borrow an Illinois Fossils trunk to help your students explore Illinois’ natural heritage of the past.  Each trunk contains fossil molds, a fossil hunt kit, a video, a fossil reference collection, field guides, posters and more.
Targeted grades: 3 – middle school.  Trunk contents
Illinois Invasive Species Trunk

Illinois Invasive Species Trunk

With the Illinois Invasive Species resources trunk, you and your students can learn about why they are detrimental, how they arrived in Illinois and what actions can be taken to control them. Field guides, books, lessons, DVDs, specimens, replicas and other items are included.
Targeted Grades: 7-12.  Trunk contents
Illinios Trees Trunk

Illinois Trees Trunk

Want to learn more about the forest?  Grab an Illinois Trees resources trunk! The trunks include many items teachers can use to instruct students about trees, forests, forestry careers and the forestry industry.
Targeted Grades: preK-10.  Trunk contents

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Who may borrow trunks?

  • Classroom teachers
  • Scout and 4H leaders or helpers
  • Homeschooling groups
  • Any educator
  • You do not need to be affiliated with the University or have a library card

How do I borrow a trunk?

  • Use the reservation request form to request a reservation, and we will confirm your reservation within 1 business day.
  • Pick up and return trunks at Funk Library during our regular hours of operation.
  • The standard loan period for a trunk is 2 weeks.

Are there other trunks and lending locations?

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