ACDC News – Issue 98-07

New AAEA web site.

The American Agricultural Editors’ Association is now online with a new web site:  It features news, job opportunities, calendars of events and other information for members and nonmembers.

“Contacts for agricultural journalists in the world”

Is the title of a new mini-directory published by the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists.  The booklet  identifies agricultural journalism organizations and  contacts in each of 27 member countries.  Requests to Steve Cain at

IFAJ Congress meets in Germany. 

The 1998 Congress of the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists is scheduled for July 3-8 in Bogensee, Germany.  For information, e-mail:

Two professional organizations affiliate.

Members of the Agricultural Relations Council (ARC), an organization of public relations professionals in the U.S., voted recently to affiliate with the National Agri-Marketing Association.  ARC will remain as a separate council.  It will continue to operate with a board of directors, decide where and when to hold meetings, publish a newsletter, maintain an ARC Foundation and sponsor an annual internship program.  NAMA will serve as administrative center for ARC and provide other resources.  Information: Paul Weller at

Here are samples of documents contributed recently 

To the Agricultural Communications Documentation Center by Professor Harold Guither, agricultural policy specialist at the University of Illinois:

  • The Food Lobbyists: Behind the Scenes of Food and Agri-Politics
  • Factors Influencing Farm Operators’ Decisions to Leave Farming
  • The Evolution, Ethics and Politics of Animal Protection
  • How Illinois Farmers View Government and the Dairy Business
  • U.S. Farmers’ Views on Agricultural and Food Policy
  • U.S. Farmers’ Preferences for Agricultural and Food Policy in the 1990s.

The measure of an enduring magazine? 

In a recent column for the ByLine Newsletter of American Agricultural Editors’ Association, agricultural writer Fred Myers describes several measures of enduring magazines:

“Magazines endure because they never lose sight of why they exist.  That’s why they become worthy institutions in the minds of their readers.
Magazines endure because they change with their readers’ interests as both they and their readers pursue the American dream.
“Finally, magazines endure because their staff members have vision and talent and care deeply about the mark they are leaving on the world.”

Farm writing’s Top 10 generic leads. 

Thanks to Owen Roberts, past president of the Canadian Farm Writers’ Federation for this interesting list.  He offered it during a professional development presentation to Farm Focus journalists in Atlantic Canada, May 1998.

  1.  The new X program announced by the province last week is being touted as a win-win by the farm community.
  2. One of the public’s biggest concerns these days is the way farmers X.
  3. The discovery of X is considered one of the most important breakthroughs in the history of X production.
  4. Xs were a mystery to farmers…until now.
  5. When X was a young boy, he always dreamed of being a farmer.
  6. With last week’s opening of the new X, the X sector will become more globally competitive.
  7. In a presentation to the X farm group last week, the Minister of X announced plans for a new state-of-the-art X.
  8. X, president of the X farm group, today announced the appointment of X as X.
  9. The province’s new farm program, X, promises to put farmers in X on a level playing field with other farmers.
  10. The province of X is putting $X into a new farm program designed to X.

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