ACDC News – Issue 97-03

Thanks to Delmar Hatesohl,

Retired agricultural journalism faculty member, University of Missouri, for contributing additional documents to the Agricultural Communications Documentation Center this month. Some of these materials were prepared to help Extension professionals carry out effective meetings: planning meetings, helping speakers be effective and introducing speakers. One item produced for the MidAmerica International Agricultural Consortium (MIAC) explains how to be an effective consultant on international development projects. And one, entitled “Care and feeding of references,” is a guide for job-seekers.

Changes and challenges in rural communities

Are the main focus of about 30 documents that were contributed this month by Phillip J. Tichenor, communications faculty member at the University of Minnesota. These new additions, written by Professor Tichenor and his associates from the 1950s through the 1980s, emphasize development trends and issues in rural U.S. communities, including implications for rural families. Some documents report on studies of farmers’ attitudes toward government policies and land use. Others feature farmers’ media use and information sources, as well as farmers’ adoption patterns.

If you are interested in checking on these documents, let us know by e-mail reply. They aren’t yet searchable on the web database, but we can help you gain access to them if you want to see them.

Can anyone suggest a source

Of current lists of agricultural software distributors? If so, please let us know and we will pass the information along to an online inquirer. Thanks.

We are pleased that searchers from 29 countries used this web site 

During November 1997. Our goal for the Documentation Center is to help bring together, for easier access, the widely-scattered literature about agricultural communications in all parts of the world. Literature in this collection now features agricultural communications in more than 90 countries, but we have only begun to tap the potential.

You may have ideas and suggestions 

About how the Center can help gather and make available the agricultural communications literature from more countries. We would be pleased to learn of your needs and ideas. Some interesting partnerships might emerge.

Agricultural information in Hungary. 

We were pleased this month to help a searcher locate journal articles about agricultural information systems and services in Hungary. The searcher found citations for these articles through an online search of our collection, then located the articles in a local library.

When local libraries can’t help you in such situations, please let us know. We can provide photocopies of desired documents (as copyright policies permit) or otherwise help you gain access to them.

Rural communications problem:

High school agriculture teacher to student: “What do you know about nitrates?”
Student: “Well, they’re cheaper than day rates.”

Do you know of other humorous “rural communications problems?” If so, let us know. We’d enjoy hearing from you and passing them along.

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