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When to use

Your library may publish frequently updated web content such as news and/or blog and you may want the latest updates automatically added to your website.

If you want to display a list of latest posts in the sidebar on all pages of your website, use the WordPress built-in RSS widget. You can add it by going to Appearance -> Widget -> RSS. Please note: only a site administrator can create a site-wide RSS widget.

If you want to display the title of the latest post on a specific page, use this shortcode.

Basic usage





If you want to display the name of the author, set the value of the author attribute to 1.


[rssfeed author="1"]][[/rssfeed]


Graduation Interview with our Graduate Assistants
By Precious Olalere - May 12, 2023


The text attribute inserts whatever text/label you want to added before the post title and separate them by a colon and a space.


[rssfeed text="Latest episode"]][[/rssfeed]


Latest episode: It Takes Jess Hagman
March 29, 2022

The two attributes can be used at the same time.


[rssfeed author="1" text="Latest news"]][[/rssfeed]


Latest news: Interim Closure of the Mathematics Library at Altgeld Hall
By Murphy Heather - April 21, 2023