When to use

Snippets are custom, site-level, shortcodes that pro users and members of Web Team use to add customizations to your pages. You do not need to worry about creating them, but you might see them on your page. It is important not to accidentally delete them!


Snippet syntax is very simple, just the snippet keyword and a number:

[snippet id="aNumber"]

Why this is important

In OpenCMS all users could write custom JavaScript to add enhanced content to their sites. Over time, the creators of these scripts often left the departments. OpenCMS became chock-full of out-dated, unsupported code. The Web Team spent significant time fixing these legacy codes just to make sites functional. In addition, much of the custom JavaScript in OpenCMS is not compliant with new accessibility standards. By restricting snippet creation to the Web Team and select pro users, the Library will have more sustainable and accessible content for all users.