Embedding Videos


There are currently two option available for embedding videos in the Library WordPress site. One of these solutions is using the Add Media button or the [embed] [/embed] shortcode. We recommend you use the ARVE (Advanced Responsive Video Embedder) when possible. ARVE is preferable over Add Media for videos for two reasons: (1) It will give you more control over video parameters, and (2) it will give users with a screen reader aditional attributes such as title.

How to Use ARVE

  1. Go to the Posts or Pages Edit Page
  2. Click on the Embed Video (ARVE) button — this will prompt the ARVE Details window to open.
  3. Add the video URL and title to the respective fields
  4. Choose any additional attributes you need
  5. Click update button at the bottom-right of the screen to insert the embedded video onto the page
  6. Optionally, you may enter the attribute below once the shortcode is inserted on the page

Supported Attributes and Shortcode Usage

For documentation on how to use the shortcode, and a complete list of available attributes please refer to the ARVE documentation

Native WordPress Method (Add Media)

  1. Click on the Add Media button
  2. add_media

  3. Click on insert from URL
  4. Insert_from_URL