Library Directory Shortcode

Use Case

The library directory shortcode displays information about library employees using their netid. This is the same data used in the biography pages. The default behavior — see below — is to display basic contact information about the individual. However, all attributes can be omitted, and additional attributes are available. See a list of all attributes and their default value.

How to Use

Example 1: Default behavior


[libdirectory netid="w-mischo"]


Name: Bill Mischo

Office Address: Grainger Engineering Library, M/C 274, Urbana, IL, 61801

Phone Number: 217-333-7497


Title: Professor Emeritus

Example 2: Adding attributes


[libdirectory netid="w-mischo" label="false" picture="true" office_address="false" phone_number="false" email="false" banner_title="false"]


Bill Mischo

Bill Mischo

Required Attribute

  • netid: empty

Default Attributes

  • name: true
  • office_address: true
  • phone_number: true
  • email: true
  • banner_title: true
  • label: true

Additional Attributes

  • picture: false
  • first: false
  • last: false
  • employee_type: false
  • research_interests: false
  • education: false
  • appointment_url: false
  • experts_url: false
  • notes: empty
  • table: false
  • only-picture: false
  • include_bio: false

About Attributes

  •  “First” and “last” refer to the first and last name. You may set the attribute “name” to false and choose to display either first or last on their own.
  • Some attributes may not show when set to true. This is typically the case if the data is missing from the database or set to be omitted if it is a biography page metadata.