A Christmas Carol and Its Corresponding Collector

While updating the catalogue record for an 1869 edition of Dickens’s A Christmas Carol, I came across a letter inside the front cover. Dated 3 April 1867, it was written from Andrew Varick Stout Anthony (1835-1906) to Alexander Farnum (1830-1884) regarding William James Linton (1812-1897), an English engraver who had recently immigrated to the United […]

The Rambler’s Magazine: A Puzzlingly Popular Periodical

The rambler’s magazine, or, The annals of gallantry, glee, pleasure and the bon ton. London: Printed for the authors, and sold by G. Lister, no. 46, Old Bailey; Mr. Jackson, at Oxford; Mr. Hodson, at Cambridge; Mr. Frobisher, at York; Mr. Slack, at Newcastle; Messrs. Peason and Rawlinson, at Birmingham; Mr. Crutwell, at Bath; and all […]

Seventeenth Century Hollar Prints Resurface

***This post was previously posted at the RBML Discoveries from the Vault website*** The famous artist and engraver Wenceslaus Hollar (Vclav Hollar in his native land), was born in Prague in 1607. While working in Cologne in May 1636 he met and entered into the service of the English diplomat Thomas Howard, the 2nd Earl […]