Flat Sousa Makes New Friends at Illinois’ Second Summer Band Concert on the Quad

Declan and Finley Lindquist enjoy Sousa’s sweet allure during the University of Illinois’ second summer band concert.

Declan and Finley, owned by Bob and Ann Lindquist, attended the July 17 performance of the University of Illinois Summer Band and were very intrigued by Flat Sousa’s presence at the  evening concert.  John Philip Sousa’s children had many dogs as pets when they lived at their Sands Point, New York home during the first two decades of the twentieth century, and there are many photographs of the March King sitting with one of his dogs in the Paul Bierley Papers which were donated to the Sousa Archives in 2004.  While Sousa wrote hundreds of marches, songs, and operettas about many different things, he never composed a musical work for man’s best friend.  Maybe that is why Declan and Finley became so animated when they met Flat Sousa last week.

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