Raise your glass and beat the heat!



As a heat wave strikes across the U.S. this week, leaving temperatures highin the 90s, it’s time to find ways to beat the heat for the moments when air conditioning is inaccessible or you just feel like sitting outside all the same. Perusal of the July, 1917 issue of Farmer’s Wife provides the a cool solution:

In this issue, Ms. Lyons presents two enjoyable and refreshing drink mix recipes. If you find that you have some lemons, water, and sugar on-hand go ahead and give this recipe a try:

Lemonade Recipe

The addition of pineapple and orange isn’t strictly necessary, although it does add additional sweetness and flavor. Alternate ideas include mashing and stirring berries together in with the lemonade to taste. If preferred, the beverage may be made in a recycled gallon jug and shaken, not stirred. Best served chilled or over ice.

Peruse other issues of the Farmer’s Wife made freely available online via the Farm, Field, and Fireside collection of the Illinois Digital Newspapers Collection.

Farmer’s Wife, 7/1/1917

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