Ghana Labour

Yesterday we began processing a collection (over 300 boxes!) of labor newspapers acquired several years ago from Canada’s Department of Labour Library.

Already this morning we cataloged our first rarity: Labour, the official periodical of the Ghana Trades Union Congress. Our run goes from the very first issue (July, 1960), through the combined November/December issue for 1961. The periodical seems to have ceased in 1962.

Ghana Labour (September 1960).
Ghana Labour (September 1960).


The periodical’s prospectus describes itself as follows:

Ghana Labour is the official organ of the Ghana Trades Union Congress. The Labour will be a source of guidance and information reflecting the life and struggles of workers and will encourage exchanges of their experiences.

“If this journal is to be what you want it to be, then you, our readers, must give us a hand. By writing to us, by letting us know of what is going on in your areas, in the factories, construction sties, and the chief events in trade union life, your forms of struggle and progress of unity.

“In this way, these experiences will become known to workers in other parts of the country and the solidarity of the workers will become still more powerful.

“You can set your friends and relatives straight about the labour movement by helping them get their labour news first hand from the Ghana Labour.

“Through our efforts the voice of organised working class will make itself heard.”

Click here to see the other new titles as we add them to the collection.

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