Trial Access to ProQuest’s Electronic Resources Concluding August 2022

[Post by Heather Murphy]

In 2019, the University Library secured trial access to the ProQuest “Access and Build Program” giving faculty, staff, and students at Illinois the ability to search 115 electronic resources. Over the years, the Library supported this evidence-based acquisition program, ProQuest added new databases, and the Library used accumulated credits to purchase those that demonstrated the most use. These multidisciplinary resources spanned the humanities, music and the arts, the social sciences, and some scientific disciplines, and each resource available through the ProQuest Access and Build program was marked in the Library’s catalog as being available on a trial basis.

The trial program will come to a close in August 2022 as the records are removed from the catalog. The Library utilized the purchase credits available through the program to acquire dozens of the more heavily-utilized databases permanently, including:

  • African American Music Reference
  • African Diaspora: 1860 – Present
  • Art and Architecture Archive 2
  • Art Forum Archive: 1962-2020
  • Audio Drama: the LA Theatre Works Collection
  • Black Drama Third Edition
  • British Periodicals Collection III
  • British Periodicals Collection IV
  • Classical Scores I
  • Classical Scores II
  • Classical Scores III
  • Classical Scores IV
  • Contemporary World Drama
  • Digital Bills and Resolutions 1788-2013
  • Education Magazine Archive
  • Entertainment Industry Magazine Archive collection 3: Film and Television
  • Environmental Issues Online
  • Ethnographic Film Online, Teaching
  • Food Studies Online
  • The GQ Archive
  • Historic Newspapers: Austin American Statesman: 1871-1980
  • Historical Newspapers: Communist Historical Newspaper Collection
  • Historical Newspapers: The Globe and Mail
  • Historical Newspapers: Leftist Newspapers and Periodicals
  • Historical Newspapers: Ottawa Citizen
  • Historical Newspapers: Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Historical Newspapers: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  • Historic Newspapers: South China Morning Post: 1903-2001
  • Historical Newspapers: Toronto Star Subscription
  • House of Lords Parliamentary Papers, 1800-1910
  • Human Rights Studies Online
  • LGBT Magazine Archive
  • Mass Incarceration and Prison Studies
  • Music Online: Music Periodicals of the 19th Century
  • National Theatre Collections
  • News, Policy, & Politics Magazine Archives (feat/ Newsweek)
  • Psychological Experiments Online
  • Religious Magazine Archive
  • Revolution and Protest Online
  • The Rolling Stone Archive
  • Security Issues Online
  • Social Work Online
  • Twentieth Century Religious Thought: Volume I, Christianity
  • Twentieth Century Religious Thought: Volume II, Islam
  • Twentieth Century Religious Thought: Volume III, Judaism
  • Twentieth Century Religious Thought: Volume IV, Eastern Religions
  • Women’s Magazines II
  • Women’s Wear Daily

A list of the titles that will no longer be available after August is available here.

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