Latin American Newspapers Series 2

Now available: Latin American Newspapers Series 2. Part of the World Newspaper Archive (which also includes African Newspapers, and South Asian Newspapers), Latin American Newspapers Series 2 is the second module in what is arguably becoming the best digital collection of Central and South American newspapers available anywhere.

Series 2 boasts four times as many titles as Series 1. Series 2 also marks a major leap forward in digitization quality, which was regrettably poor in the Series 1 release. For example, many issues of Jornal do Commercio were so shabbily digitized as to be practically illegible:

In Series 2, the overall quality of digitization appears to be far better.

Series 2 also includes several Caribbean newspapers, and these newspapers can be cross-searched with those in the collection Caribbean Newspapers, all of which can (of course) be cross-searched with Latin American Newspapers Series 1.

Most of the newspapers in Series 2 were digitized from the collections of the Center for Research Libraries in Chicago.

In addition to new titles, Series 2 also greatly expands the number of issues for key titles in Series 1, such as Brazil’s Jornal do Commercio: Series 1 gave us the years 1849, and 1884 to 1901. Now, with Series 2, we have the paper’s very first issue, in 1827, through 1922. Series 2 also adds four more years (1919-1922) of the Panama Daily Star and Herald, and almost 13,000 new issues of El Comercio (Lima, Peru), which fill gaps in the Series 1 release, and also extends that run to 1913.

The selection of Mexican newspapers provides excellent coverage of the Mexican-American War period, including several English language newspapers published in Mexico for the occupying American troops.

You will find newspapers from twenty nations in Series 2, including newspapers from eleven nations not previously represented in Series 1, and these eleven are indicated in the following list by a “plus sign”  (we’ve also listed here a few of more significant newspapers in Series 2):

  • Mexico
    • Hesperia (Mexico City).
    • Courrier Français (Mexico City).
    • Diario del Hogar (Mexico City).
    • Opinión (Veracruz).
    • El Universal (Mexico City).
    • Demócrata (Mexico City).
  • Guatemala
    • Bien Público (Quetzaltenango).
  • Belize
    • Colonial Guardian (Belize City).
  • Honduras
    • Estado (Tegucigalpa).
    • Cronista (Tegucigalpa).
    • Republicano (Tegucigalpa).
    • Prensa (Tegucigalpa).
    • Nuevo Tiempo (Tegucigalpa).
    • Excelsior (Tegucigalpa).
  • El Salvador
  • Nicaragua
  • Costa Rica 
  • Panama
  • Cuba
    • Diario de la Marina (Havana).
    • Mundo (Havana).
  • Dominican Republic
    • Diario del Salvador (San Salvador).
    • Listín Diario (Santo Domingo).
  • Haiti
    • Moniteur Haitien (Port-au-Prince).
  • Brazil
    • Rio News (Rio de Janeiro).
    • Provincia do Pará (Belém).
    • Folha do Amazonas (Manaus).
  • Argentina
    • Nación (Buenos Aires).
    • Crítica (Buenos Aires).
  • Chile
    • Mercurio de Valparaíso (Valparaíso).
    • Estrella (Valparaíso).
    • South Pacific Mail (Valparaíso).
  • Bolivia 
    • Época (La Paz).
    • Heraldo (Cochabamba).
    • Diario (La Paz).
  • Peru
  • Colombia 
    • Conservador (Bogotá).
    • Correo Nacional (Bogotá).
    • Opinión (Bogotá).
    • Nuevo Tiempo (Bogotá).
  • Ecuador 
  • Venezuela
    • Universal (Caracas).
  • Paraguay

Last, but certainly not least, Readex has vastly improved its interface, and users will be pleasantly surprised by the faster, more streamlined experience.

Click here to view a complete list of newspapers in Latin American Newspapers Series 1 and Series 2.

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