Introduction to Scholarly Research: Pilot Instruction Series

Introduction to Scholarly Research is a multipart workshop series designed to assist undergraduate and graduate students with the research process, from start to finish. Join a team of librarians for this series of five workshops, during which you will learn how to become a more successful researcher. These sessions are open to students in any discipline. (Although taught by librarians from the Slavic Reference Service, the course content will not be specific to Slavic studies or any other discipline.) You will also learn how the University Library can support you in your research.

This workshop series is designed for students who have to write a research paper, and is therefore ideal for history students.

Each section will be offered twice, and will meet on campus.

You are encouraged to register and participate in all five sessions. Below are the session dates, and available times for each session:

    • Session 1: Research Paper Ideas
      • September 4: 9am-10am, or 2pm-3pm
    • Session 2: Conducting a Literature Review
      • September 18: 10am-11:30am, or 3pm-4:30pm
    • Session 3: Collecting, Organizing, and Storing Information
      • October 2: 11am-12pm, or 2pm-3pm
    • Session 4: Writing a Research Paper Outline
      • October 16: 11am-12pm, or 2pm-3pm
    • Session 5: Research Paper Draft
      • October 30: 10am-11am, or 4pm-5pm

Register for the workshop series here:

First session meets soon, so register now!

For more information, contact Joe Lenkart at

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