The New Titles Feed

  1. The new titles feed is located in the WordPress Dashboard in the left hand menu under Settings > New Titles Feed.
  2. Check this box to enable the feed and display the rest of the configuration options.
  3. Enter the desired title for the New Titles Feed that will appear on the webpage. This title will be a link that refers to a page containing all new titles based on the other parameters chosen in this settings page (the New Titles carousel only contains the first ten).
  4. Select Libraries: This option determines which libraries the new titles will be pulled from. Either select the checkbox labelled “Include All Libraries” or select one or more consecutive libraries from the list below.
  5. Select Call Numbers: This option determines what call number range of the New Titles selection. Either select from the checkbox labelled “Include All Call Numbers (Dewey, LC, SuDoc)” or select one or more consecutive call number ranges from the list below:
  6. Date Range: This option determines the time range from which the new titles will be selected from. At least one new book title is required to display the carousel.
  7. Select Sorting: This option determines the order in which the New Titles will be presented.
  8. Select Language: This option allows you to select the language of the new titles to be included in the New Titles Feed.
  9. Save Changes: Click the “Save Changes” button in order for the Feed to be updated.