Sousa Archives Sponsors October 23-24, 2020 Virtual Folk & Roots Festival

The Sousa Archives and Center for American Music is again sponsoring this year’s wonderful Folk & Roots Festival and its children’s programming to help us kick off this fall’s American Music Month.  However, unlike previous years, all of this year’s programming will be completely virtual and FREE!

The Festival’s planned programming will include performances and informational presentations by Alexa Rose, Ayla McDonald, the Backdoor Cajun Band, Black Banjo Reclamation Project, Deep Fried Pickle Project, Dewclaw and Bones Jugs Family Show, Hot Club of Cowtown, Kyshona Armstrong, the Little Miss Ann Family Show, and Nikki D. Brown and the Sisters of Thunder.

In addition Dom Flemons will be returning for another spectacular performance, and our community’s wonderful music groups will include Jean-Rene Balekita and Laeticia Kyungu, and members of the Robert E. Brown Center for World Music.

A complete schedule of the Festival’s performances and further information about this year’s musicians  can be accessed at

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