Urbana-Champaign Local Music Oral History with Seth Fein

Photograph from Non-Reader Spotlight: Seth Fein and Justine Bursoni, Part 1, May 22, 2015.

Katie Nichols’ May 23, 2017 interview with Seth Fein, producer of the annual Pygmalion Festival and creator of the Nicodemus Agency, talks about his growing up and making music in the Urbana-Champaign community with the bands Absinthe Blind, Orphans, Dr. Johanson Band, and Steal Faces which he started with his brother when he was just five years old.  Seth also discusses his work booking bands for the Canopy Club, Cowboy Monkey, High Dive, Paradiso and Nargile music venues, and writing articles about the community’s local music scene.  His interview provides engaging and colorful descriptions of the exceptional musicians and bands that he has worked with and his observations regarding the decline of radically edgy rock and roll bands that challenge America’s social norms.

A complete transcript of his 2017 interview can be accessed at Seth Fein oral history interview:, and a short audio sample of the interview can be listened to from the following link:

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