Flat Sousa Is Everywhere!!

Flat Sousa with the University of Illinois 2017 Summer Band Tuba Section: Christian Arkin, Travis Atchinson, Matt Berg, Julian Buckingham, Josiah Killam, Scott Schwartz, and Ian Well (top), Luna Vallier (bottom left), and hiding in the Sousa Press Books (bottom right)

When Flat Sousa discovered that the Center’s youngest researcher was photographed with his dear colleague, Carl Busch, on Thursday, he decided that he also wanted his picture with this lovely young lady.  He then decided that it was time to come out of his hiding space in the Sousa Archives to meet some of our community’s talented musicians who were playing his most recognized march, Stars and Stripes, during last Thursday evening’s summer band concert on the University of Illinois Quad.  Thursday’s concert was a delightful performance that was enjoyed by everyone who attended, especially Mr. Sousa.  For anyone who might be interested in meeting Flat Sousa this summer, please come by the Sousa Archives anytime between 8:30 and 5, Monday through Friday.  We also have many other exciting new historical collections to enjoy after you say hello to Flat Sousa.  For more information on the Center or scheduling a guided tour of the collections, call 217-244-9309.


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