Urbana-Champaign Local Music Oral History with Scott Wyatt About the University’s Experimental Music Studio

Scott Wyatt in Studio D, November 2, 2006

During an interview with Scott Wyatt by the Sousa Archives staff on September 30, 2014  he described the legacy of the University of Illinois’ Experimental Music Studio when it was first created by Jerry Hiller and  housed in Stiven House.  He talked about the many technologists who helped develop and maintain the Studio’s electronic technologies and the musicians who utilized them to create their new compositions including James Beauchamp, Phil Musser, Paul Martin Zonn, Herbert Brun, Salvatore Martirano, Jack Melby, Ed London, Ben Johnston, and Russ Winterbottom.   Wyatt also discussed his experiences working with Jerry Hiller, his role as director of the Studio after Beauchamp stepped down from this position in 1976, and the new technological developments that he brought to the studio between 1976 and 2015.

A complete transcript of Wyatt’s 2014 interview can be accessed at scott-wyatt-interview-transcript1-final, and a sample of the interview recording can be listened to from the following link:

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