Sousa Archives’ Civil War Horns Played for the Lincoln Funeral Recreation Events held in Springfield, Illinois

10th Illinois Volunteer Cavalry Regiment Band at Benedictine University, Springfield, IL (top left) and on the steps of the Lincoln home (top right) . Pictured top left front row: Ted Zelinski, second row: Gary Gardner, Rich Stuemke, Rich Kriegsman, Gillian Bauer, Dawn Henry, third row: James McCauley, Maureen Reagan, Elizabeth Jones.

Last weekend the Sousa Archives’ over-the-shoulder Civil War horns, which are part of its Carl Busch Music Instrument Collection, were performed numerous times by the 10th Illinois Volunteer Cavalry Regiment Band during the recreation of the Lincoln funeral events which took place in Springfield, Illinois between May 1 and 3, 1865.  These historical instruments date from 1860s and were played by an unidentified Union regimental band during the Civil War.  Much of the music performed by the 10th Cavalry Band came from numerous Civil War-era band collections, and included such works as Charles Hess’ Lincoln Funeral March, Claudio S. Grafulla’s Big Thunder, Walter Kittredge’s Tenting on the Old Camp Ground, Battle Cry of Freedom, The Star of the County Down, Home Sweet Home, Shenandoah, and the Battle Hymn of the Republic.  The weekend was filled with the sights and sounds of nineteenth-century America, and recreated the solemnity of the country’s final farewell to President Abraham Lincoln.

Listen to two recorded samples of a live performance by the 10th Illinois Cavalry Band that was given in front of the historic Lincoln home.

1. The Star of the County Down (performed May 2, 2015)

2. Shenandoah (performed May 2, 2015 — soloist Maureen Reagan)

3. Lincoln Funeral March by Charles Hess (performed May 2, 2015)

4. Abide by Me (performed May 3, 2015)


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