10th Illinois Volunteer Cavalry Regiment Band Visits Sousa Archives Over the Weekend

10th Illinois Volunteer Cavalry Band and Music Friends (front row left to right: Maureen Reagan, Flat Sousa, Gary Gardner, Ted Zelinski and back row left to right: Dawn Henry, James McCauley, Carl Busch as Uncle Carl, Gillian Bauer, and Rich Stuemke).

Members of the 10th Illinois Volunteer Cavalry Regiment Band spent most of Saturday rehearsing on the Sousa Archives’ Civil War era over-the-shoulder horns from its Carl Busch Papers and Music Instrument Collection.  At the end of the day’s rehearsal the members of the band asked to have their picture taken with Uncle Carl and his historical instruments, and Flat Sousa couldn’t resist joining the merry band for this photo opportunity.

The 10th Illinois band recreates music performances from the Civil War era to reflect what the soldiers and civilians of this time would have heard in theaters, dance halls, and military encampments. The music ensemble dedicates its performances to the creation of a living history of the music and life styles of Illinois’ 1860s.  The band whose members come from Central Illinois, and Scott Schwartz have been invited to participate in this year’s Lincoln Funeral Coalition’s 150th Anniversary Reenactment of the Lincoln Funeral which will be held in Springfield, Illinois May 1-3, 2015. For more information about these performances and lectures please visit: lincolnfuneraltrain.org.

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