2014 Sweet Corn Festival “One Community Together” Programming August 22-23

Bali Lantari Ensemble Performing during 2013 Sweet Corn Festival.

The Sousa Archives and Center for American Music is again leading this year’s One Community Together programming for this weekend’s Sweet Corn Festival.   As in years past we will highlight many of the community’s archives, specials collections, libraries, and museums.  We also are reaching out to our local communities of Urbana, Champaign, and the University of Illinois to collect vegetable seeds that will be sent to the east Zambia community of Musalila as part of the Festival’s “Seed Feed Flourish” initiative.  For more information call 217-333-4577 or email schwrtzs@illinois.edu.


August 22
   6:00-6:45 Traditional Jazz Orchestra
   7:00-7:45 Hathaways
   8:00-8:45 The Painkillers Blues Band
   9:00-10:30 Sun Stereo
August 23
   12:00-1:00 Bow-Dacious String Band and the BBL Fine Arts Jazz
   1:00-1:15 Capoeira Angola Center of Mestre Joao Grande Illinois [Afro-Brazilian Dances]
   1:15-1:30 Champaign Park District Dance Arts School [Dances from Ireland, Hungary, Poland, and Russia]
   1:30-1:45 Classy Combination [Dances of Middle East]
   2:00-2:45 Djibril Camara and the Mara Giri Dance Ensemble [Dances of West Africa]
   3:00-3:45 Bones, Jugs ‘N Harmony
   4:00-4:45 Killer Bee Honey
   5:00-6:15 Centennial, Central, and Urbana High School Marching Bands


Children’s Activities for August 28

1. Gazing the Rings of Saturn and the Man on the Moon (6-10:30pm) [Staerkel Planetarium]
2. Japanese Black Ink Calligraphy with Seiran Chiba (6:30-8:30pm) [University of Illinois’ Japan House]

Children’s Activities for August 29

1. Meet Mr. Box Turtle (11:00-12:15) [Anita Purves Nature Center]
2. Veggie Stamps, Seed Balls, and Much MORE! (11:00-5:30 [Champaign’s Prosperity Gardens]
3. Old Fashioned Toys and Games from the American Prairie (11:00-1:00) [Museum of the Grand Prairie]
4. Music Instrument Petting Zoo (11:30-3:30) [Sousa Archives and Center for American Music and Community Center for the Arts]
5. Early American popcorn making (11:00-5:30) [Champaign County Historical Museum]
6. Constructing Decorated World Music Shakers (12:45-2:00) [Spurlock Museum]
7. Black Ink Calligraphy with Seiran Chiba (1:00-3:00) [University of Illinois’ Japan House]
8. Building Didjeridos (1:00-3:00) [Sousa Archives and Center for American Music]
8. Science of Corn (4-5:30) [Orpheum Children’s Science Museum]

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