Flat Sousa Introduced to the Records of the Poster Children Rock Band

Juda Balassa, Caitlin Crain, Kelsey Berryhill, and Krista Habing Mary Roback (seated)

Flat Sousa, as one of America’s leading “rock stars” of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, was introduced to the graphic art work used for the Poster Children band’s 1995 recording, Junior Citizen, which was produced by Sire/Reprise.  The LIS584A students thought it was high time the March King started listening to more contemporary popular music and couldn’t resist the opportunity to be photographed with Flat Sousa and Junior Citizen as they were processing the operational records of the Poster Children Band.  While the Poster Children Band traveled extensively across the United States and Europe during the last two decades of the twentieth century, John Philip Sousa and his Band still holds the record for traveling over 1,272,000 miles by railroad car throughout North America and Europe between 1892 and 1931.


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