New Resource: Socialism on Film: Wars & Revolutions

Newsreels, feature films, and documentaries from 1917 through the Cold War. Films were produced in communist and socialist nations, such as the Soviet Union, Vietnam, China, Korea, Cuba, East Germany, and nations of Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Browse the collection by topical subject, person as subject, place as subject, era as subject, place of production, and more. Includes ample supplementary material, such as case studies, chronologies, and essays. All films have keyword searchable transcripts.

Is it enough to worry?
Is it enough to worry?

All footage comes from the collections of the British Film Institute.

Wars and Revolutions is the first of three modules to be published in the collection Socialism on Film. Module II (to be released in 2018) will cover Newsreels and Magazines; and Module III (to be released in 2019) will cover Culture and Society.

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