New Digitized Newspapers

We’ve purchased two new newspaper files for our collection of ProQuest Historical Newspapers. We’ve also purchased additional years for seven titles already in our collection

The two new files are the Dayton Daily News (1898-1922), and the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune is the largest new file, and includes the following newspapers: the Minneapolis daily Tribune (1867-1982), the Minneapolis weekly Tribune (1977-1982), the Minneapolis daily Star (1920-1982), and the Minneapolis daily Star-Tribune (1982-2001).

We’ve also added the years 1923-2004 to our file of the Indianapolis Star.

Finally, we’ve added one full year to each of the following:

In the cases where we have purchased only one additional year of issues, the year we have purchased is the most recent year available for purchase. These newspapers have rolling embargoes on the issues they will sell through ProQuest Historical Newspapers. Publishers often impose embargoes to protect other revenue streams. For example, the Chicago Tribune sells its entire file (including the most recent issues) directly to subscribers through platforms like


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