Associated Press Archives

Documents selected from the Associated Press Corporate Archives. Collection includes 26 Associated Press Directories from the period 1894-1944; almost 2,000 issues of the Associated Press’s internal staff bulletin from the period 1942-2005; Over 200 issues of the A.P. Log, an irregularly published bulletin that described the activities of the A.P., and distributed to member newspapers from the period 1935-2002; over 1,000 issues of miscellaneous serial publications that were distributed internally from the period 1945-2004; 89 issues of the Service Bulletin, an in-house periodical from the period 1904-1927; the Angus M. Thuermer Papers, 1938-1947; the Conrad C. Fink Papers, 1957-1967; the George Bria Papers, 1945-2002; the Haldore Hanson Papers, 1934-1944; the Moses Sperry Beach Papers, 1848-1914; records of the Washington, D.C. bureau from the period 1938-2009; 22 editions of the A.P. Stylebook, from the earliest edition 1953 to 2000; News Eepartment Circulars communicating A.P. policy to field reporters, from the period 1928-1990; the A.P. News Features collection from the period 1944-1993; the News in Pictures collection from the period 1939-1944; miscellaneous publications from 1894-1955; miscellaneous writings about the Associated Press from the period 1874-1985; and wire copy from the following city bureaus: Atlanta, 1949-1994; Austin, 1959-1996; Birmingham, 1959-1988; Chicago, 1931-1991; Dallas, 1946-1993; Miami, 1952-2004; New Orleans, 1957-1995; Pittsburgh, 1961-2000; and San Francisco, 1934-1999.

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