Other Career Supports

The Library offers a number of other career supports, some which depend on employee classification. Many of these are described below.  For further information or help identifying which opportunities you are eligible for, contact the Organization Development & Training group or Library HR.

Promotion Opportunities

There are three major employee groups within the Library: Faculty, Academic Professionals, and Civil Service. Each group has a specific method for formal promotion.

  • Faculty: Most Library Faculty are tenure-track.  The Faculty Review Committee and the Promotion and Tenure Advisory Committee have links to important tenure information and are a resource for questions.
  • Civil Service: Most Civil Service employees are in negotiated classes that have a built-in promotion system (for example, Library Specialist to Senior Library Specialist to Library Operations Associate).  However, there are other types of Civil Service employees that may be in what’s referred to as open-range or custom classes.  As of September, 2023, the Library is a beginning a Civil Service Professional Promotion Program Pilot. For more information, see the slides shared at the 9/22/2023 Information Session for the CS-P Promotion Program pilot. If you are unsure what you are eligible for, it is best to contact Library Human Resources for help.
  • Academic Professionals (APs):  Unique to the Library, APs have the Library’s Academic Professional Promotion Program that enables them to advance through 4 ranks to reflect career growth. For more information, see the Academic Professional Promotion Process page

Conference & Travel Opportunities

There are various opportunities to attend conferences and professional development to gain new knowledge, skills, and exchange ideas with colleagues from other institutions and organizations.

  • Faculty: Faculty are provided Library funds on an annual basis for attending conferences and other professional development opportunities. In addition, there may be support from campus, such as the Scholars Travel Fund (depending on eligibility).
  • Academic Professionals:  APs are provided Library funds on an annual basis for attending conferences and other professional development opportunities. In addition, there may be support from campus, such as the Academic Professional Development Fund (depending on eligibility).
  • Civil Service Professionals:  Civil Service Professionals should consult with their supervisor to verify if their position is eligible for Library funding for training and travel funds.
  • Civil Service (Non-exempt): Civil Service employees may be eligible for Library scholarships offered each year for attending conferences and training. These are offered through the Library Staff Support Committee (LSSC).

For more details, please see the Business Travel page or contact bhrsc@illinois.edu.

Library-related Associations

National library organizations often have free or cost-based professional development opportunities.  Here are some of the most prominent:

Research & Investigation Time
  • Faculty:  Tenure-line and visiting faculty are entitled to research time to pursue research activities as defined by the library’s promotion and tenure guidelines. For more information, see the Research Time Policy.
  • Academic Professionals and Civil Service Professionals are entitled to Investigation Time, which allows 2-4 hours per week to explore topics relating to one’s field, continued professional development, research and publishing, and similar activities. For more information, see Investigation Time Policy.

Academic Classes & Tuition Waivers

The University of Illinois offers tuition waivers to eligible employees to take academic courses at the University of Illinois or other Illinois state institutions.

Committee Representation

Each major employee group in the Library has a representational committee to help identify specific issues or concerns that affect that employee group and to provide a voice in shared governance.  Serving on these committees can be an opportunity to develop leadership skills and build a stronger understanding of the overall Library.  Additionally, these committees can be a good resource for questions and concerns.

The Library has many other committees that Library employees in the major employee groups can join.

  • For a full list of active Library committees, please view the Library Committees page.
  • The Committee Volunteer Information page shows if a committee is volunteer based or if members are elected. It also shows which employee groups are eligible to volunteer for each committee.


  • The Ambassador Program matches newcomers to the Library, or current employees who are moving into  to an existing employee (“Ambassador”), along with periodic Library tours and group activities. This short-term mentoring program helps welcome employees to the Library, facilitate building connections to the community and campus, and share about Library culture. Eligible Library employees are encouraged to join as an Ambassador, which can be a very rewarding experience.