Statement Regarding Research Time for Library Faculty

December 10, 2007

This document articulates University and University Library policy regarding the granting of extended research time to Library faculty.

Research is an integral part of every Library faculty position at the University of Illinois; it is a major area of responsibility upon which each faculty member is judged throughout his/her career at UIUC.

Neither the University nor the University Library normally provides paid research leave outside of sabbatical leave. All Library faculty are expected to dedicate adequate time to research projects throughout their careers. If someone feels that he or she is not getting adequate time for research, this should be brought directly to the attention of the University Librarian for resolution. Nevertheless, it is possible to arrange periods of research time of up to 3 weeks to complete specific projects. In such cases, a specific work plan must be agreed with an applicant’s Unit Head (or equivalent supervisor) before the extended research period begins.

Requests for more extended periods of research time are granted only under exceptional circumstances, and must be approved by the University Librarian.