Faculty Review Committee


The Faculty Review Committee provides the first level of review for promotion and tenure or for promotion to a higher rank.  The Committee is also responsible for monitoring visiting committee reports, and peer evaluation of Library Faculty for merit.  In addition, it is responsible for insuring that appropriate channels of communication exist among the Committee, the University Librarian, and the Library Faculty regarding the work of the Committee and its decisions.

Membership Details

The Faculty Review Committee shall be composed of one tenured faculty member, of the rank of associate professor or professor, elected from each division.  The members are elected for three year staggered terms and may be re-elected to one successive term.  The chair is elected by and from the members of the FRC for a one-year term, and may be re-elected to one successive term.

No member of the Faculty Review Committee can simultaneously serve on the Promotion and Tenure Advisory Committee.


  • Marek Sroka, Co-Chair(Dec 2016 - Nov 2019)
    Arts and Humanities Division
  • Ellen Swain, Co-Chair(Dec 2016 - Nov 2019)
    Special Collections Division
  • Merinda Kaye Hensley(Dec 2018 - Nov 2021) Second Consecutive Term
    Central Public Services Division
  • Sarah Williams(Dec 2017 - Nov 2020)
    Life Sciences Division
  • Mary Schlembach(Dec 2016 - Nov 2019)
    Physical Sciences and Engineering Division
  • Nancy O'Brien(Dec 2016 - Nov 2019)
    Social Sciences Division
  • Shuyong Jiang(Dec 2018 - Nov 2021)
    International and Area Studies
  • Wendy Shelburne(Dec 2018 - Nov 2021)
    Technical Services Division

Additional Committee Information

Promotion and Tenure Advisory Committee Website

Provost Communication 21: Annual Review of Faculty
Dossier Guidelines for Library Faculty (Updated 06/2015)  This is included here to facilitate access for those submitting a dossier as part of their annual report.  This includes general tips and incorporates the Substitute Section III used for librarians that replaces Resident Instruction.
NOTE:  Always refer to the latest update of the Provost’s Communication no. 9 for the current format of the dossier.
Provost Communication 13: Review of Faculty in Year Three of Probationary Period
Subject Specialist Task Force Report  This is included to highlight competencies of subject specialists and provide background ideas for individuals writing their annual reports.  The list is not comprehensive and many parts of it are not solely applicable to subject specialists.

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