Committee Volunteer Information

Administrative Council By Division
Affirmative Action Officer X
+*Assessment Committee X
+*Awards & Recognition X
Bylaws Committee X
CAPT (Content Access Policy & Technology) Position Driven
Collection Development Committee Appt. per position, volunteer for intern position By Division
+*Diversity Committee X
Equal Employment Opportunity Committee X
Executive Committee X
+*Exhibits Committee X
+Faculty Meeting Agenda X
Faculty Review Committee By Division
Grievance Committee X
iSchool Admissions Committee X
Library Committee of AP (L-CAP) X
Library Staff Support Committee X
Mortenson Center Advisory Committee X
Nominations, Elections & Voting Procedures Committee X
Parliamentarian X
Promotion & Tenure Advisory Committee X
+Reference Management Team

+Research and Publication Committee



Secretary of the Faculty X
Senate of the Urbana-Champaign Campus X
+*Staff Development & Training Advisory Committee X
+Strategic Communications and Marketing Committee X
*User Services Advisory X
+*#Wellness Subcommittee X



+APs eligible to volunteer

*Civil Service eligible to volunteer

#Faculty eligible to volunteer