Analytic and Combinatorial Number Theory: The Legacy of Ramanujan

Now on Display in the Math Library: Analytic and Combinatorial Number Theory Conference Spotlight!

In honor of Dr. Bruce Berndt’s 80th birthday the Mathematics Department at the University of Illinois is hosting the conference Analytic and Combinatorial Number Theory: The Legacy of Ramanujan from June 6-9th. The topics for the conference include all areas of number theory, with a focus on those areas that have been influenced by Srinivasa Ramanujan. The conference will feature a broad spectrum of invited talks as well as opportunities for contributed talks. Dr. Berndt has been a faculty member at Illinois for 52 years. He has written more than 240 papers and 14 books, and has supervised 36 PhD students during this period.

Items on display:
Analytic number theory : proceedings of a conference in honor of Heini Halberstam / Berndt, Bruce C., Diamond, Harold G., Halberstam, H., and Hildebrand, Adolf J.
Analytic number theory: proceedings of a conference in honor of Paul T. Bateman / Bateman, P. T., Berndt, Bruce C.
Chapter 9 of Ramanujan’s second notebook : infinite series identities, transformations, and evaluations / Berndt, Bruce C. and Joshi Padmini T.
Gauss and Jacobi sums / Berndt, Bruce C., Evans, Ronald J., and Williams, Kenneth S.
Hecke’s theory of modular forms and Dirichlet series / Berndt, Bruce C., Hecke, Erich, and Knopp, Marvin Isadore
Hecke’s theory of modular forms and Dirichlet series : lecture notes, spring 1970 / Berndt, Bruce C.
Identities involving the coefficients of a class of Dirichlet series / Berndt, Bruce C.
Number theory and modular forms: papers in memory of Robert A. Rankin / Rankin, Robert A., Berndt, Bruce C., and Ono, Ken.
Number theory in the spirit of Ramanujan / Berndt, Bruce C.
Ramanujan : essays and surveys / Berndt, Bruce C. and Rankin, Robert A.
Ramanujan’s forty identities for the Rogers-Ramanujan functions/ Berndt Bruce C.
Ramanujan : letters and commentary / Rankin, Robert A., and Berndt, Bruce C.
Ramanujan’s lost notebook / Andrews, George E. and Berndt, Bruce C.
Ramanujan’s notebooks / Ramanujan Aiyangar, Srinivasa and Berndt, Bruce C.
Rudiments of the theory of the gamma function / Berndt, Bruce C.

Journals on display:
Advances in applied mathematics
International journal of number theory
Journal of mathematical analysis and applications
Note di matematica
South East Asian journal of mathematics and mathematical sciences
The Ramanujan journal


A special thanks to Joshua Hackel, Grainger Engineering Library Graduate Assistant, for creating this Mathematics Library exhibit.

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