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Mathematics Library Maps will be updated after renovation

Mathemathics Library Map

Map A: Circulation Area

Map A: Circulation Area

1. Book Return (Use when the library is closed.)
2. New Journal Shelf and Boneyard Book
3. New Book Shelf
4. Book Return (Use when the library is open.)
5. Reserve Books Binder
6. Circulation Desk
7. Entrance to Bookstacks
8. Desk Reference Collection
9. Emergency Exit
10. Printer
11. Library Use Computers
12. Scanner
Fire Extinguisher (located inside entrance to Bookstacks)

Map B: Reading Room

Map B: Reading Room
1. Statistical Theory and Method Abstracts
2. Current Index to Statistics
3. Referativnyĭ Zhurnal. Matematika
4. Unbound Journals
5. Email Terminals
Fire Extinguisher

 Map C: Bookstacks

Map C, Bookstacks
The bookstacks are divided into three levels:

  1. The upper level contains:
    • Oversize books (Q.)
    • Folios (F.)
    • 001-510.4
    • Fire Extinguisher (located on north wall)
  2. The main level contains:
    • 510.5-513
    • Fire Extinguisher (located on north wall)
    • Emergency Exit (southwest corner)
  3. The lower level contains:
    • 514-999
    • Biographies (B.)
    • Library of Congress Classification QA
    • Fire Extinguishers (located on north and southwest wall)
    • Emergency Exit (southwest corner)