arXiv Basics

Accessing arXiv

To access arXiv from the Mathematics Library homepage, follow the link under “Resources”.

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What is arXiv?

arXiv is a repository of more than 1.5 million preprint papers in computer science, economics, electrical engineering and systems science, mathematics, physics, quantitative biology, quantitative finance, and statistics. “arXiv is maintained and operated by Cornell University with guidance from the arXiv Scientific Advisory Board and the arXiv Member Advisory Board, and with the help of numerous subject moderators.”

Why Use arXiv?

arXiv is a great place to find papers as they are written without having to wait for them to go through the peer review process. It is important to remember that many papers found in arXiv have not yet been peer reviewed but authors will often post the reviewed version when the process has been finished.

Who posts in arXiv?

Anyone can post a paper to arXiv as long as they have been given a recommendation from another user. Posting to arXiv allows authors to get their work out to more people in a more timely fashion. Preprints are a great way for authors to establish priority of discovery as the peer review process can take many months. Publishing preprints also allows the author to receive more feedback from more people than just their peer reviewers. For detailed instructions on how to post to arXiv, check the “To submit an article” page on the arXiv website.

Searching arXiv

arXiv features familiar search functions like searching by Article ID and advanced search. Users may search the entire database or limit by subject area. The “Advanced Search” page includes useful tips to search the database holdings, such as sorting by date and phrase searching.

Tips Wildcards: Use ? to replace a single character or * to replace any number of characters. Can be used in any field, but not in the first character position. See Journal References tips for exceptions. Expressions: TeX expressions can be searched, enclosed in single $ characters. Phrases: Enclose phrases in double quotes for exact matches in title, abstract, and comments. Dates: Sorting by announcement date will use the year and month the original version (v1) of the paper was announced. Sorting by submission date will use the year, month and day the latest version of the paper was submitted.


arXiv is also working on implementing a full text search which users can currently test. A feature unique to the arXiv search functionality is the “Catchup” button in the subject search and browse section of the homepage. The “Catchup” function allows users to see all articles published after a certain date in a specific subject area, allowing users to stay current with the most recent articles published on arXiv.


Picture showing the catchup interface for mathematics on the arXiv website.

For help navigating and using arXiv feel free to stop by the Mathematics Library, contact us at, start a live chat with the “Ask a Librarian” widget, or consult the arXiv “Help” page.

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